Sensing via Unlimited Sampling for Radio-Frequency

PI: Dr Thomas Feuillen
SnT, University of Luxembourg


The Sensing via Unlimited-sampling for Radio-Frequency, SURF for short, is a multidisciplinary project that aims to bridge to study the use of Unlimited Sensing theory for RF sensing applications. More specifically, the project will focus on radar sensing as a case study for this new acquisition paradigm and to showcase in a practical fashion the results of SURF project.

Unlimited sampling addresses a limitation often encountered in practical settings, which is sensor saturation. It proposes, instead of saturating or changing the gain before the ADC that performs the acquisition, to fold the signal around a certain dynamic (similar to a modulo operation). This innovative acquisition scheme has been studied in theory and simulations on canonical signals, and the SURF project aims to extend the theoretical framework by considering a modified modulo acquisition based on varying thresholds that will enable lower sampling rates and higher-quality reconstructions.